BL-30 Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass & Vegetable Juicer

BL-30 Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass & Vegetable Juicer

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  • A high quality & extremely durable hand juicer
  • High quality stainless steel manual juicer
  • Fully portable for use at home or away
  • Designed for juicing fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass, mincing and nut butters
  • Pressure adjustment screw for increased yield
  • 3 year warranty

The BL30 Manual Juicer is perfect for those who are looking for simplicity and quality. The BL30 is a manual juicer which means it requires no electricity to run and juices using a crank shaft attaching to a mortar and pestle juicing gear. This simplistic way of juicing can be great for those on the go, travellers or those with a shortage of power. Get back-to-basics with the BL30!

The BL30 Manual Juicer is a versatile addition to the kitchen. It can juice wheatgrass, fruit and vegetables and can also be a grinder, mincer and more. The BL30 Manual Juicer comes with 3 different screens: blank screen, large hole juicing screen and small hole juicing screen.

The BL30 can juice wheatgrass with a high extraction rate, as well as juice both hard and soft fruits and vegetables, something which is not usually possible with hand juicers. The BL30 is not only capable of juicing but also with the blank screen you can puree, mince and grind. Make nut butters, baby food purees and mincemeat or make frozen fruit desserts plus much more.

The BL30 Hand Juicer is made entirely from high quality stainless steel. This means it is extremely robust and durable and is why we can offer a 3 year warranty on all parts. Stainless steel is also rust, alkaline and acid resistant. The manual juicer locks securely to the table top with a sturdy rubber padded clamp, for complete stability at all times.

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