Benefits of Dehydrating Food at Home

Posted by Brian on 2/5/2017

Dehydrating your food is the best way to preserve it for months and sometimes even years to come. Not only that, dehydrating is an innovative movement which is responsible for amazing results among families from all over the



To successfully dehydrate food at home we have to be able to expose the food to varying temperatures and the circulating air needs to be controlled by a fan. Without these two elements proper dehydration cannot be achieved. The Excalibur dehydrator is extremely efficient at achieving these two jobs.  


There are many benefits of dehydrating at home. If you’re not yet convinced about dehydrating your food then you must take these facts into consideration.

A healthy snack for kids

Everyday more and more people are realising how healthy and convenient it is to dehydrate food prior eating it. Dehydrating your food will definitely make a difference to your overall health as the process locks in all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals.


Your kids are in a fundamental moment of their lives, they need to eat well and enough to meet their biological requirements. Dehydrating your own produce and choosing to feed them health  giving snacks instead of preservative laden store bought snacks is quite possibly the kindest and most caring thing you could ever do for your kids.


Dehydrating may preserve your food for years

The dehydrating process is as simple as this: you put the food inside the Excalibur dehydrator for example, and it’ll extract up to 75% of the moisture inside the food.

When that easy process is done properly and the food is stored in a cool and dark area such as a cupboard or pantry, the dehydrated food can be stored easily for years to come.


Dehydrating your food at home saves tons of money

If you’re planning to buy all your dehydrated food on stores, you’re going to need a bulky bank account. It’s not a secret, dehydrated food can be really pricey, fair enough really as you are paying someone else to do the dehydrating process for you.


Dehydrating food literally take a few simple steps and if you’re looking to save some pennies (well, plenty of them) you should definitely considering buying your own dehydrator.


Our most popular brand delivering outstanding results is called Excalibur. Here at JuicersDirect we have a great range of dehydrators starting for the newbie dehydrator up to the commercial level for restaurants and cafes etc.  


Food is our fuel, but our food needs to have plenty of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to preserve our wellness. When you dehydrate any kind of food, it reduces its size and volume to deliver a food rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.


When you’re cooking food with high temperatures, many vitamins and minerals are burned out. As we’ve discussed, dehydrating food is the best way to preserve as many ingredients as possible.


Hopefully this small article helps you decide dehydrating is for you. If you would like to chat to us about dehydrating then we would love to hear from you J

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