Ionmax ION401

Ionmax ION401

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Don't buy replacement filters, ever! With the latest air purification innovation, negative ions work to clean the air and unique, stainless steel blade, collection technology traps the dust. Simply wipe clean and enjoy the fresh air.

The ION401 Releases an abundance of negative ions per cubic meter to clean and revitalise the air in your home. Negative Ions recreate the fresh, natural air you get right after it rains, and near beaches, waterfalls and the rainforest.

The ION401 circulates air without the use of loud and disruptive motors or fans. Its collection blades trap irritants and allergens and release fresh, ionised air back into the room. Simply remove the steel blade assembly and wipe clean with a cloth. No need for vacuuming, washing, or replacement filters. Easy. With no fans and motors, the ION401 is a safe and quieter solution to clean the air in the baby's or kid's rooms.

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