Knowing the 6 Benefits of Carrot Juice

Posted by Brian on 11/1/2016

Carrots are considered to be one of the most famous root vegetables all around the world and there is no doubt that carrot is a power food. Whether eaten cooked or raw, the vegetable has become an important part of every kitchen. However, were you aware of the fact that drinking carrot juice regularly provides you with more benefits than eating carrots? Have a look at the six benefits of drinking carrot juice!

1. Boosts immunity:

Drinking a glass of juice extracted from carrots on a regular basis can help to boost your immunity. It will also help to keep the heart healthy. This is because carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A. Due to these components, the body is easily able to fight off germs. The abundance of vitamin A also prevents strokes as well as other heart diseases. Vitamin A also helps in the maintenance of the healthy lining of your internal organs. As a result, these organs are at a lower risk of bein infected by pathogens.

2. Maintenance of cholesterol level:

If your cholesterol level keeps on fluctuating, then you need to make a habit of drinking carrot juice on a daily basis. This is because carrot juice is rich in potassium which is very effective in reducing the high levels of cholesterol in the body. Consequently, the risk of becoming a victim of a heart disorder is also reduced.

3. Speeds up healing process:

Carrot juice contains vitamin K which helps to clot blood and preventing the loss of blood. Vitamin K also boosts the process of healing as well. Drinking carrot juice helps to heal external wounds in a short time. Next time you scrape yourself or cut yourself, make sure you drink carrot juice to heal the wound as soon as possible.

4. Reduces the risk of cancer:

Carrot juice also functions as an anti-cancer agent because of the carotenoids it contains. This increase in the intake of carotenoids decreases the risk of breast, colon, bladder, and prostate cancer.

5. Improves the health of bones:

It is quite famously known that spinach makes a person stronger. However, did you know that carrot juice can also do the same? Yes, providing strength also falls under the benefits of carrot juice. Vitamin K is important since it helps in building proteins; the basic building blocks of the body. Minerals and vitamins present in juice from carrots also aids in binding calcium. As a result, broken bones heal at a much faster rate. Moreover, the potassium which is present in such juice also improves bone health.

     6. Cleans the liver:

Carrot juice is great for the detoxification and the cleansing of the liver. Consumption of one glass of such juice on a regular basis enables the body to release harmful toxins from the liver. The bloodstream is unable to get rid of toxins and bile via the kidneys. These harmful toxins need to be released through the skin. This process is aided by drinking natural juice from carrots and the harmful bile from the body is removed. As a result, the liver functions well which consequently aids rapid in digestion and prevents fat accumulation thus, preventing obesity and weight gain.

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