LEQUIP Near Infrared Dehydrator – IRD5
Lequip IRD5

LEQUIP Near Infrared Dehydrator – IRD5

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  • Luxurious design suits all kitchens
  • Faster & Richer Nutrients
  • New Technology
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The revolutionary dehydrator with various drying modes that comes with a stylish design. Make your own dried fruit, vegetables, meats and yoghurt!

Dehydrators are excellent for making raw food recipes. NIR penetrates into the food and dries from the inside letting you experience more abundance of nutrients.

This innovative dehydrator comes with three drying modes: solar, shade and automatic;

- On the Solar setting food is dehydrated with NIR light which enables food to retain higher amounts of vitamin C and D.

- With Shade mode, the dehydrator emulates food being dried in the shade.

- On Automatic mode, the dehydrator is automatically set on Solar mode at 70 ºC and dries food until the internal moisture sensor detects humidity levels below 3% and shuts itself off automatically.

The fan of the IR D5 is placed horizontally at the back, which guides the heat and airflow towards even distribution and drying.

Need more drying space? Simply take out one or two trays to have more space for bigger ingredients. For example, you can also take bigger jars of yoghurt for fermentation.

Temperatures can be set from 35 to 70?. A pair of silicone gloves are provided in addition to the stainless-steel trays.

Fermentation , the IR D5 provides the perfect environment to make ferments and cultured food. Fermented food are rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

No longer require a proof box to raise dough, IR does it all. A humid environment can be provided by the drop tray with pan of water at the bottom of the dehydrator. 

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