The Benefits of Twin Gear Juicers

Posted by Emily on 3/15/2017
The Benefits of Twin Gear Juicers

The majority of juicers normally have one auger. The twin gear juicer also known as the triturating juicer is slightly different in that it has two augers that interlock with each other. Once you place fruits and vegetables into a twin gear juicer, they do not undergo masticating immediately. The fruits and vegetables go between the pair of interlocking rolling gears then once the gears start moving, they are slowly crushed. The movement is usually slow, however, it leads to distinct separation between the pulp and the juice. The slow motion also causes the triturating juicer to release the maximum amount of juice it can from the vegetables or fruits. It penetrates the core membranes of the flesh, allowing them to release the ingredient’s most nutritious components.

The juicer has several benefits that put it a step ahead of other juicers.

The ability to practically juice anything

There is no limit to the variety of fruits and vegetables one can juice using the twin gear juicer. The two roller gears can handle tough fruits and vegetable such as carrots and apples. The juicer also deals with several varieties of dark green leafy vegetables as well as fruits and vegetables that possess soft skin. Centrifugal juicers are not ideal for juicing herbs since the blades toss the herbs out of the juicer due to the high speed of the rotating gear. A twin gear juicer also removes the need for a wheatgrass juicer, since it is possible to grind and juice wheat grass, together with parsleys and cilantro using the twin gear juicer.

Produce more juice

The twin gear juicer functions a lot like the single-gear masticating juicer. The key difference is that the twin gear juicer produces more juice. The triturating is ideal for a function such as a health food party or if there are several members of the family who drink juice and is especially recommended for anyone that is juicing as part of a nutritional therapy course to battle poor health.

More than just a juicer

Aside from producing juices, the twin gear masticating juicer can also make fruit sauces, pasta, baby food, nut butter and sherbets. By utilizing the attachments that accompany the bundle, one can deal with grains and result with bread sticks and rice cakes.

Prevention of oxidation

Normally, a person needs to drink the juice immediately or store it for up to half a day in a tight-lid container and inside a refrigerator.  The reason for doing both is due to the occurrence of oxidation. The twin gear juicer is different in that it prevents oxidation from occurring. Thus, one not only gets the nutrients, but he or she can keep the juicer for a considerably longer duration of time such as several days with proper preservation.

The best time to get a triturating juicer is when one is prepared to carry out more juicing as well as invest in a high-quality juicer. The twin gear juicer is considerably flexible hence it is possible to accomplish several things.  The juicer is not ideal to purchase if one does not juice frequently. 

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