BioChef Blender - Air Free Vacuum
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BioChef Blender - Air Free Vacuum

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  • Maximise nutrition, minimise spoilage
  • 1.5 Litre BPA Free Tritan plastic jug
  • Powerful 800 watt motor
  • Advanced vacuum system preserves produce and creates a better consistency
  • 3 pre-set programmes
  • Advanced Japanese Stainless Steel Blade system operating at 25,000 RPM
  • Speed Control Dial
  • 2 Year warranty on motor and parts
  • Includes: 1 x Tumbler, 4 x Storage Containers, 3 Vacuum Bags and 1 Wine Stopper

The new BioChef Air Free Vacuum Blender offers the latest development in blending technology.

Normal household blenders whisk air into ingredients. By removing the oxygen from the jug prior to blending, the BioChef Air Free Blender preserves the colour, flavour and freshness of the ingredients.

As a result, you will enjoy a smoother, richer and foam-free texture. Power, precision and three pre-set programmes make blending easier than ever before.

The BioChef Air Free Vacuum Blender uses new vacuum blending technology to maximise nutrition and preserve freshness by removing the air from the blender jug prior to blending.

Oxidation begins when food is exposed to air and is the reason a smoothie will begin to split, separate and discolour relatively quickly if not consumed right away.

The immediately noticeable result after removing the air prior to blending is a richer tasting smoothie with a smoother, foam-free texture. 

The Air Free Vacuum Blender will create a smoothie that is noticeably brighter in colour, has a smoother consistency, and stays tasting fresh for longer.

The BioChef Air Free Blender comes with Japanese made stainless steel premium blades which are not only the toughest on the market but also extremely resistant to rust or decay. These blades spin 25,000 times per minute to pulverise even the toughest ingredients.

Using the Airframe’s revolutionary vacuum technology, you can store your food and drinks for far longer than ever before. By removing the oxygen from the container, the Air Free Vacuum Blender reduces spoilage caused by oxidation. 

You can now preserve your favourite smoothies, juices, sauces, dips and dressings using the Airframe’s Vacuum tumbler accessory. The 450ml tumbler is perfect for active lifestyles allowing you to keep on the move.

Preparing produce for your smoothies, juices and meals couldn’t be easier. Simply place the items inside the container and use the Airframe’s vacuum function to extract the air, which extends shelf life. 

The included vacuum bags are perfect for storing dehydrated foods, nuts and seeds. You can even preserve leftover wine using the Airframe’s included wine stopper!

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