BioChef Mycook 'All in One' Kitchen Machine

BioChef Mycook 'All in One' Kitchen Machine

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  • Simplistic & User-Centric Design for the Home Cook
  • Performs over 15 Different Kitchen Tasks
  • Superior Induction Heating Technology
  • Built in On-Board Scales

The BioChef Mycook is the only cook processor that uses an induction heating system as opposed to resistance heating. Induction heating is extremely precise and temperature control is instant; it is the #1 choice for professional kitchens. The temperature is more reactive with the controls meaning if you increase or decrease the heat it will be reflected within the jar instantly. This allows you to have more precise control over your cooking and achieve the desired result. 

With the BioChef Mycook you can 'Sous-Vide' or 'temper' chocolate like a professional chef. 
Induction heating is also more cost-effective, using an electro-magnetic field to supply energy directly into the jar rather than a heated coil. There is no loss of heat, and through such re-activeness only the required heat is used and is then cooled instantly.


BioChef Mycook All-in-One Kitchen Machine - The Cook Processor for the Creative Cook

Are you intrigued by the idea of the currently trending "all-in-one kitchen machine" or "cook processor" but are not sure whether the advertised 'easiness' or 'versatility' is worth the expense? If you are looking for a machine that will make cooking more enjoyable rather than taking the process away altogether, then the BioChef Mycook is for you. 
The Biochef Mycook promises something that the others do not - less bells and whistles. The simplistic design and strong focus on "quality over quantity" is why the BioChef Mycook is being heralded as the all-in-one for the creative cook, the intuitive cook. The superior Induction Technology paired with it's simplistic design, makes the Mycook the tool you need to make you a master chef.

·         BioChef Mycook - The Quality Brand of Cook Processor

·         Excellence without the gimmicks

The design of the BioChef Mycook focuses on quality and simplicity. An all-in-one machines purpose is to replace all the appliances, gadgets, bits and pieces that take up space in the kitchen, right? Therefore the machine itself should be simplistic, and be able to perform all of these functions but with minimal attachments and extra bits. And the Mycook is just that - uncomplicated, straightforward and concise. 

The BioChef Mycook comes with a singular jug, steaming trays, mixing paddle, singular blade set, spatula and straining basket. With just these simple attachments you can complete over 15 different kitchen tasks. There is no need for additional blades or jugs that create clutter in the cupboards, the BioChef Mycook can perform the very same tasks as any other machine but with less accessories. Don't pay for things you don't actually need!


Dual Motor System

Two motors to serve different processes more effectively

The BioChef Mycook features a unique twin motor system. The 600W primary (movement) motor takes care of the powerful blending aspect, while the secondary (cooling) motor cools the primary motor and ensures that over-heating cannot occur. It has a 1600W or 2HP max power capacity, more powerful than leading competitors. This results in a longer motor life expectancy, evident in the 3 year domestic warranty and the 1 year commercial warranty.


The BioChef Mycook is for the type of cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen by combining flavours and making recipes their own. The Mycook is for the "foodie" at heart, those who want to create awe-inspiring dishes for their family and friends. Make anything from rich stocks and sauces to ice-cream and cocktails, fresh pasta and pastry to consommé and pate. 

The BioChef Mycook includes with it a 150 page Recipe Book that is designed to form the basis from which your own cooking can adapt. You are not limited by set programs and settings with the BioChef Mycook, there is no frivolous recipe gimmicks that you pay for but never use. The BioChef Mycook is a machine designed to enhance your cooking experiences and allow you to expand your cooking repertoire like never before! Fall in love with cooking, with the BioChef Mycook.


BioChef's User-Centric Design Philosophy - Allows for complete precision & control


The BioChef Mycook, like the entire BioChef range, is user-centric meaning that usability was at the centre of the design process. As the Mycook is designed for the "home-chef", the focus was on adaptability and diversity rather than on structure and steps. Developed with minimal pre-set programs, recipe functions and attachments that only get in the way of a good "cook-fest", the BioChef Mycook allows you to have complete control over speed and temperature settings to give you the exact desired result regardless of the type of recipe. 

The BioChef Mycook has a cooking temperature range from 40-120°C, speed settings from 1-10 (plus Turbo) and timer settings from 0 to 90 minutes (in second, 30 second and minute increments), all displayed on the sleek LED control panel. 

The BioChef Mycook also features on-board scales so you can more precisely measure ingredients as they are added to the jar. This is especially helpful for making desserts, like creamy panna cotta or French meringue... The results will speak for themselves.


Functions, Attachments & Controls - What's Included with the Biochef MyCook


The BioChef Mycook has three specialised functions - Knead, Turbo and Sauté. These functions are designed to achieve optimum results for more particular or tricky tasks. Knead beautiful dough or pastry and sauté with precise vegetable sizes for more full-bodied soups, stews and stocks. The Turbo function allows you to quickly pulverize ingredients for extra smooth purees or to crush ice. It works in a similar way as a Pulse button but with a higher torque and speed for extra power. 
The BioChef Mycook also comes with smart attachments which are each versatile and serve multiple purposes. There is only one multi-purpose blade system required for all applications (with reverse capabilities), a mixing paddle for mixing, stirring and whipping, a steaming basket for easy straining or steaming within the jug, the steaming trays for cooking on 3 levels and a custom-built spatula for tampering and scraping down the jug.

 All-in-One Machine Capabilities - What can you make with the BioChef Mycook? 

The three simple functions combined with the attachments and manual settings allows you to complete over 15 different kitchen tasks: Sauté, Fry, Steam, Grind, Mince, Shred, Chop, Emulsify, Whip, Mix, Stir, Beat, Knead, Blend and Weigh... Plus many more!

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The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact – Value $130

The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact is designed primarily for every day home use. Vacuum sealing conveniently preserves and protects your food, in addition to saving you money and space! 
The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact provides a quick and easy way to remove air and moisture from fresh produce, keeping food healthy for longer.

5 x Pre-Cut Vacuum Bags (20cm x 30cm), 1 x Vacuum Bag Roll (20cm x 200cm), 1 x Hose

L 36cm x W 15cm x H 7.6cm

Warranty: 2 Years

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