BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer

BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer

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The BioChef Atlas Living Juicer has been designed for people that are new to juicing. It can be considered as the entry level model for cold-pressed juicers. It is a primarily simple, fuss-free and easy to use machine.

If you are just getting started with cold press juicing, then the BioChef Atlas Juicer is for you. It has minimal parts yet manages to yield a very impressive quality of juice extraction and it comes complete with everything you need to get started and inspired!

The BioChef Atlas Juicer features a smart and compact design with all moving parts simply locking in to one another in moments; no fiddly attachments or clips to worry about.

Minimal parts also means less parts to clean. Cleaning up with the BioChef Atlas is simple, and most of the work can be done while juicing, simply by flushing through a glass of water and letting gravity do the work!

The BioChef Atlas is a cold press or slow style of juicer which crushes and squeezes the fruits and vegetables to extract the juice. The intricately designed parts enable a gentle extraction method which expels no heat or friction (like a centrifugal or standard juicer), and preserves the nutrients & minerals or living properties of the food. The juice is full-bodied, "alive" and will remain so for up to 48 hours.

The BioChef Atlas also comes with the BioChef Recipe Book, complete with over 80 recipes to get you started!

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