Blender Buyer's Guide

A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Blenders

Blenders have become a must-have kitchen appliance in every household and for various reasons and purposes. There is a significant increase in the number of people who are becoming health conscious and opting for a healthier lifestyle and better nutrition. Using a blender is an excellent way to improve nutrition. Some easy examples are how useful they are for making healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies and hearty soups that are great for weight watchers.


What To Look Out For

Regardless of its intended use, any good blender must be able and not limited to

ü Perform multiple tasks.

ü Easy to clean.

ü Capacity capability, in terms of how much they can hold.

ü Can function in both a regular kitchen and a commercial kitchen.

ü Must have a longer warranty.

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre (TNC)ticks all the above boxes plus more. With over 70 years of experience and manufacturing, a lot of time and attention to detail has been put into this blender with multifunctionality and durability in mind.

A closer look at the Vitamix TNC features reveal a sophisticated sleek design, unique smart technology and all the modern conveniences such as:

1.  A Cool Running Motor: It delivers the constant power you need to pulverize any ingredient without leaving any chunks or residue, leaving you with a creamy smooth consistency for smoothies and soups, all the while maintaining an even momentum and cool temperature that keeps it from overheating compared to regular blenders.

2.  A Metal Drive System: This connects the glass jar to the motor base and seals perfectly for a better blend, which in turn increases the device's longevity without the need for replacement.

3.  Hardened Stainless Steel Blades: These come in handy when you want to blend hard ingredients tough ingredients for an even consistency. The Aircraft-grade blades are stable, have a high performance and are built to last long.

4.  Controlled Vortex: Which makes for a tidy blend of ingredients as they systematically fold back into the blades. It also comes with a handy Tamper that helps in processing thicker ingredients without having to stop the blender each time you need to stir.

5.  Self-cleaning: Vitamix Blender is easy to clean and there is no dissembling needed. Simply put hot water with a drop of dish soap and blend on high for only 60 seconds! The ergonomic, environmentally friendly sturdy glass jar, with visible easy-to-read measurements on the pitcher, makes it user-friendly and durable.

6.  Simplified Controls: They are quite easy to use and are fantastic as they can be automatically programmed or manually controlled and they come with new built-in timers that prevent over processing.

7.  Interchangeable Containers: Whether you a catering for a large family, dinner party or for individual use, you are spoilt for choice as there is a container for different functions all to use with the same motor base.

8.  10 Year Full Warranty: Which includes performance, cover parts and return shipping. Now that is worth every penny!

Master amazing blending techniques, explore hundreds of delicious, nutritious recipes and enrich your family’s healthy lifestyle today with a Vitamix Blender.