Why You Should Use A Food Dehydrator at Home

Posted by Brian on 9/26/2018
Why You Should Use A Food Dehydrator at Home

Food dehydration is a very practical and worthwhile technique. Thanks to home food dehydration, if you own a vegetable garden or an orchard, it is possible for you to preserve your crops, and to protect them from the mould. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite fruits and vegetables out of season all year round.


Let’s go swimming

Posted by Emily on 4/12/2018

Swimming is an activity that humans have partaken since times immemorial. While today swimming is looked at as a competitive sport, that was not always the case in the past. Often it was simply a case of human survival wherein not knowing swimming also mean grave danger to human lives, especially when air travel had not yet come to the fore and the preferred and often only means of long distance travel was by ship. Even prior to that stage, crossing smaller river and lakes, ponds etc., invariably meant swimming across.

Why you should always buy organic food instead of non-organic

Posted by Brian Deas on 3/15/2018

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) requires organic food to be pesticide and chemical free. What this means to you as the average consumer shopping at the local supermarket is that you now have the option to buy food that’s guaranteed to be healthy, nutritious and natural.

To truly understand and get the big picture, here are some reasons why organic food is better:

MORINGA, The Miracle Tree

Posted by Brian Deas on 3/5/2018

It is believed that the most nutritious plant on planet earth is the Moringa Oleifera. Since the discovery channel documentary on the Moringa Oleifera. Some years ago, people worldwide have been taken notice of the powerful botanical and its amazing health benefits. This documentary highlighted the success seen in parts of Africa where people who add dried Moringa leaves into their diet are overcoming malnutrition.

Do you love a green smoothie?

Posted by Brian Deas on 2/14/2018

Green smoothies are delicious way to improve the overall health of your body, while also getting rid of unwanted toxins. They are made up of fruits, greens, and water, which make them fast and easy to prepare. Many people are afraid to try them because they do not like the taste of greens in the smoothies. Consuming green smoothies on a regular basis offers a host of different health benefits. One blender full of green smoothies can provide as eight servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This is why they should be incorporated into any diet plan.  

Why You Should Juice Cleanse

Posted by Brian Deas on 1/29/2018
A lot has been said about detox and detox regimens. Both good and bad. We will go with the good because one has to look at the positive side of things in order to stand to gain. Different people have different reasons to juice such as weight loss or to relieve the body of the copious amount of toxins ingested knowingly or unknowingly. With the recent Christmas holiday season giving us a ready excuse to drink too much alcohol until the head spins and the constant over indulging of unhealthy foods, many of us are in need of a well earned reboot.

Kale Juice Health Benefits

Posted by Brian Deas on 12/7/2017
Kale is that humble vegetable that most people pass without much thought in the grocery store vegetables’ isle. That is a big mistake and ignorance is certainly not bliss when it comes to kale. If only they knew the benefits of this leafy green vegetable, they would pick it first. No worries though as we will get to learn about one of the easiest and fun ways we can partake of this delicacy: juicing it.

Bone Broth Health Benefits

Posted by Emily on 11/14/2017
Beef bones are no longer just for dogs! They have many health benefits which helps us as humans. Here are some of the health benefits;

Health Benefits of Hemp

Posted by Emily on 11/6/2017

With the consumption of Hemp about to become legal in Australia we thought we would have a look at the health benefits of this often wrongly judged superfood.

In our ever growing and rapidly changing society people have been looking at healthy alternatives to replace the harmful mass produced foods that are so common place in our lives. There is now also a greater understanding and knowledge of the harms that meat can have on the body. Arthritis, diabetes, and many forms of cancer are just a few examples of the degenerative effects meat can cause

Juicing for Weight Loss

Posted by Emily on 10/30/2017

Over the years numerous weight loss programs have plagued the Internet, our televisions and press. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA at least 40% of the American population suffer from obesity.

Additionally, obese and overweight individuals are more likely to suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also as well as different types of cancers. There is also a rising concern over the increasing number of obese children.

That being said, people in record numbers are turning to healthier lifestyles, in terms of food choices and weight loss. One of the methods that is widely used to improve health is what is often termed as juicing. Juicing for weight loss is a proven and very effective method for losing weight.

Why Everyone Needs a Smoothie Blender

Posted by Emily on 10/17/2017
A complete food diet is one that is centered on fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, whole grains, and avoids unhealthy fats, processed food, and artificial chemicals. These days we are constantly hearing about which foods are healthy and unhealthy. People are bombarded with data about healthy eating and often one piece of data is contradicting another. The one thing we can say safely is that, in general, natural food is healthier than processed or refined food. Increasing the intake of more whole foods is one definite change that people can make to become healthier.

Why You Should Use a Whole House Water Filter

Posted by Emily on 10/9/2017
Why You Should Use a Whole House Water Filter
Industrial and environmental pollution has contaminated most water sources. It is worse when chemicals and other hazardous contaminants are involved. Glaciers, wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources are not safe from pollution. Even without consuming water the pollutants react with your skin, which can cause intense damage, some of which is irreversible. In this article we will highlight why you should use a whole house water filter.

Benefits of Home Composting

Posted by Emily on 9/13/2017
A large part of our domestic rubbish winds up in a landfill site. Once upon a time that was thought to be just fine but we now have a serious problem. The world is running out of future landfill sites.

Transform Your Life With Chia Seeds

Posted by Emily on 9/5/2017
A proper diet is becoming increasingly important in our current generation. Why? According to recent research, in the US more than two-thirds of deaths are diet related. The good news is that the world is making a shift in trying to incorporate a healthier diet. In the current push for a healthy diet by the western world Chia Seeds were discovered. Chia seeds, its scientific name being Salvia Hispanica, are considered a super food. And rightly so, due to its numerous benefits. Let us take a look at some of these benefits.

The Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Posted by Emily on 8/28/2017

Beetroot tends to be one of the healthiest foods that can juiced. In fact many ancient cultures regarded beetroot to be more medicinal than a food due to its potency. The health benefits of beetroot juice are vast and below we will mention some of them.

At the beginning, beetroots were valued specifically for their leaves, which were full of therapeutic and nutritional value. However, over time it has been confirmed that beetroots have much more to offer than previously thought.

Making Cold Pressed Oil At Home

Posted by Emily on 8/17/2017
Cold pressing is the term used to mean the process that mechanically presses fruit, plants, nuts and seeds in order to extract the essential oil from the produce. Cold pressing is actually one of the best ways to extract natural oils from produce. Traditionally cold pressing has been a cumbersome process and difficult to achieve at home. However thanks to the new BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine it is a relatively easy and quick process that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home.

Air Purifiers: It’s About the Air You Breath!

Posted by Emily on 7/13/2017
Take a deep breath! Felt good, didn’t it? If it did not and instead you started coughing and wheezing, then this article is even more important for you. Even if you had no problem, this article is still important so pay attention.

Why Flax seeds Could Save Your Life

Posted by Emily on 7/9/2017
The world is moving into health mode as it is trying to find more and more ways to eradicate lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity have claimed the lives of millions worldwide. However, recent discoveries have revealed that these lifestyle diseases can be treated or avoided altogether. One such discovery that has mind blowing benefits is flax seeds. The benefits that flax seeds have to offer has led to it being termed as a super food, and rightly so.

Why You Should Purchase a Manual Juicer

Posted by Emily on 6/8/2017
Why You Should Purchase a Manual Juicer
As the world continues to be influenced by the digital movement, so does the method of its operation on a day to day basis. The change can be noted in many dynamics of life, from communication devices, down to simple tools such as juicers. Many people are now opting for electric juicers largely due to speed and efficiency. Still; we fail to acknowledge the many advantages that come with using a manual juicer.  Other than simply stating the obvious fact of their affordability, this article discusses the less obvious advantages.

Benefits of Nut Milk

Posted by Emily on 5/29/2017
Nut milk is milk that is made from crushed nuts.  It is non-dairy, and the core ingredients are nuts (such as almonds, cashew, hazelnuts, and macadamias), water and additional flavour if you would like.   The liquid that comes from the crushed nuts is what is called nut milk and is extremely nutritious. It contains many vital nutrients including proteins, vitamins, minerals, natural fats and oils. The amount of fats and oil largely depends on the type of nuts used.

Why You Should Use Magnesium Oil

Posted by Emily on 5/22/2017
Magnesium is a crucial element that is required for the normal functioning of the body. The problem is that most of us may be suffering from magnesium deficiency and not even be aware of it. 

The Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Posted by Emily on 5/10/2017
Oil pulling is an act of swishing oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes with the purpose of improving oral health.   It is an old remedy that is mostly used in Ayurvedic medicine and it uses natural substances to detoxify and clean teeth and gums and can even whiten teeth.  It is also beneficial in fighting harmful bacteria in the gum, helping prevent diseases and cavities.  The most common oils that are used are coconut, sesame, olive, palm or sunflower.  Oil pulling which is also known as Gundusha or Kavala  Graha started thousands of years ago in India and it was introduced in the United States by Doctor F. Karach in 1992  where he used it to the success of his medical practice.  He claimed that it could cure a lot of illnesses ranging from digestive disorders and heart diseases to hormonal disturbances.

Amazing Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Posted by Emily on 4/26/2017
Is wheatgrass juice a super food? Yes, it is. It is one of the healthiest foods we have with benefits that run from increased energy levels to overall health improvement to head to toe radiating beauty. One of the best ways to prepare it is by using a juicer.  If you don't mind investing some of the daily physical efforts of making a glass of wheatgrass juice, you will go for a Manual juicer. Electric juicers are also available for juicing wheatgrass. The best style being a Twin Gear juicer.  Juicing wheatgrass crushes and squeezes the liquid out. It goes without saying that manual juicers are more cost effective than electric ones.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle with Meditation

Posted by Emily on 4/19/2017
Why do we meditate? The primary reason for meditation is to achieve stillness in the mind. To let go of your anxieties, fears, worries, dreams and the thoughts that take over your life every single day. It’s a great way to find calm so that you can focus on your soul. When you meditate regularly, you’ll find that you’re able to handle stressful situations better. You learn how to stay calm and collected even when things don’t go your way, you are prepared to handle your emotions and keep your temper in check and this helps in enhancing your interactions because there is minimum conflict.

Blender Buyer's Guide

Posted by Emily on 4/2/2017
Blender Buyer's Guide
Blenders have become a must-have kitchen appliance in every household and for various reasons and purposes. There is a significant increase in the number of people who are becoming health conscious and opting for a healthier lifestyle and better nutrition. Using a blender is an excellent way to improve nutrition. Some easy examples are how useful they are for making healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies and hearty soups that are great for weight watchers.