How Berries Will Make You Healthy and Feel Youthful

Posted by Emily on 3/21/2017
Berries, the very thought of them makes us long for their amazing taste. They awaken our taste buds and in all ways make life a little bit sweeter.  Known worldwide for their unbelievably sweet taste, berries are unfortunately seasonal, summer gold. However, they chose the best time to blossom as they compliment most juices, ice creams, pies and many more mouth-watering delicacies and snacks to help us manage under the hot sun.

The Benefits of Twin Gear Juicers

Posted by Emily on 3/15/2017
The Benefits of Twin Gear Juicers
The majority of juicers normally have one auger. The twin gear juicer also known as the triturating juicer is slightly different in that it has two augers that interlock with each other. Once you place fruits and vegetables into a twin gear juicer, they do not undergo masticating immediately. The fruits and vegetables go between the pair of interlocking rolling gears then once the gears start moving, they are slowly crushed. The movement is usually slow, however, it leads to distinct separation between the pulp and the juice. The slow motion also causes the triturating juicer to release the maximum amount of juice it can from the vegetables or fruits. It penetrates the core membranes of the flesh, allowing them to release the ingredient’s most nutritious components.