Why you should always buy organic food instead of non-organic

Posted by Brian Deas on 3/15/2018

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) requires organic food to be pesticide and chemical free. What this means to you as the average consumer shopping at the local supermarket is that you now have the option to buy food that’s guaranteed to be healthy, nutritious and natural.

To truly understand and get the big picture, here are some reasons why organic food is better:

MORINGA, The Miracle Tree

Posted by Brian Deas on 3/5/2018

It is believed that the most nutritious plant on planet earth is the Moringa Oleifera. Since the discovery channel documentary on the Moringa Oleifera. Some years ago, people worldwide have been taken notice of the powerful botanical and its amazing health benefits. This documentary highlighted the success seen in parts of Africa where people who add dried Moringa leaves into their diet are overcoming malnutrition.