The Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Posted by Emily on 8/28/2017

Beetroot tends to be one of the healthiest foods that can juiced. In fact many ancient cultures regarded beetroot to be more medicinal than a food due to its potency. The health benefits of beetroot juice are vast and below we will mention some of them.

At the beginning, beetroots were valued specifically for their leaves, which were full of therapeutic and nutritional value. However, over time it has been confirmed that beetroots have much more to offer than previously thought.

Making Cold Pressed Oil At Home

Posted by Emily on 8/17/2017
Cold pressing is the term used to mean the process that mechanically presses fruit, plants, nuts and seeds in order to extract the essential oil from the produce. Cold pressing is actually one of the best ways to extract natural oils from produce. Traditionally cold pressing has been a cumbersome process and difficult to achieve at home. However thanks to the new BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine it is a relatively easy and quick process that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home.