Benefits of Home Composting

Posted by Emily on 9/13/2017
A large part of our domestic rubbish winds up in a landfill site. Once upon a time that was thought to be just fine but we now have a serious problem. The world is running out of future landfill sites.

Transform Your Life With Chia Seeds

Posted by Emily on 9/5/2017
A proper diet is becoming increasingly important in our current generation. Why? According to recent research, in the US more than two-thirds of deaths are diet related. The good news is that the world is making a shift in trying to incorporate a healthier diet. In the current push for a healthy diet by the western world Chia Seeds were discovered. Chia seeds, its scientific name being Salvia Hispanica, are considered a super food. And rightly so, due to its numerous benefits. Let us take a look at some of these benefits.