Giugiaro Design by Hurom
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Giugiaro Design by Hurom

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  • Limited Edition designed by Giugiaro
  • 45rpm Cold Press Process
  • Alpha Plus drum with Dual Feed Hopper

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Limited Edition Design

The latest and greatly anticipated Hurom Giugiaro juicer is finally here with premium health benefits. This unique cold juicer is stylishly built with a dual feed hopper to easily insert ingredients in a simple and improved assembly chamber. It also comes with an inner spinning brush to increase efficiency and luxury juicing experience.

The Hurom Giugiaro is built to ultimately combine design and slow juicing innovation for a greater user experience. There are two designs to choose from and each has a prominent and intuitive power button that is easy to access and operate. Beautiful and streamlined designs, using sophisticated colours, the Huron Giugiaro is an elegant attraction to enhance any kitchen landscape.

Alpha plus Drum Kit

Giugiaro Design by Hurom is fitted with the latest drum technology to improve and make assembly or disassembly easy, reduce screw movement when extracting juice and allows extraction to remain stable. Through consistent improvements of internal mechanics, the entire cleaning process is efficiently made easier.

Dual Feed Hopper

Inserting a variety of ingredients into the Hurom Giugiaro’s new Dual Feed Hopper takes little preparation. There are two inlet provisions, which are precisely 2.2 times larger when compared to previous models. The juicer allows for safe and easy feeding of ingredients into either inlet. Larger ingredients such as leafy vegetables, carrots and cucumber pass easily through the top inlet when inserted, while smaller ingredients such as berries, cherry tomatoes and grapes can pass through the smaller inlet inclined at about 4 degrees. The juicer enables ingredients to enter from the spacious side inlet with a smooth efficiency that guarantees easy and convenient juice extracting experience.

Strainers for Maximum Versatility

An ice cream maker is newly developed and included in the box to allow you prepare favourite ice creams, smoothies and sorbets. All Hurom juicer motors are covered by a 10 year warranty and all the remaining parts have a warranty coverage of 2 years.

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