How Berries Will Make You Healthy and Feel Youthful

Posted by Emily on 3/21/2017

Berries, the very thought of them makes us long for their amazing taste. They awaken our taste buds and in all ways make life a little bit sweeter.  Known worldwide for their unbelievably sweet taste, berries are unfortunately seasonal, summer gold. However, they chose the best time to blossom as they compliment most juices, ice creams, pies and many more mouth-watering delicacies and snacks to help us manage under the hot sun.

Anti-oxidation facts on berries

More than just that, they play a major role in our bodies. Daily our bodies break down oxygen molecules and combine them in all areas of our bodies. Though a helpful process, oxidation can cause free radicals in the body. Berries contain phytochemicals, which destroy those free radicals.

Let me explain this; oxygen is breathed in, our bodies use it to create energy by combining with the food we ingest. In the process, excess is turned to free radicals, like unused energy. So then the radicals, which combat organisms that are harmful in the body may in turn be too much and may in turn work on white blood cells causing damage and destroying them.

Benefits of berries

1.     Anti ageing. We all want to feel and look young. Scientists have let the cat out of the bag on this one. The antioxidants in blueberries, strawberries and raspberries rank highest on the list on the anti ageing factor. Hair is also made stronger, no gray hair for you. So if you want to be forever young, grab yourself berries and be on the go.

2.     Prevention of diseases. Research concludes that one major cause of cancer is free radicals found in the body. They destroy too much of our cells which leads to abnormal growths. Cranberries and blackberries come second after green tea in cancer prevention.

3.     Healthy brain. Ever met an old person with the memory of the youth, well, berries do that for you. By fixing the radical problem, they hinder destruction of your brain cells and repair is immediate giving you memories to last a lifetime.

4.     Good fibre. The fibre found in berries help aid the digestion process, preventing harm to the intestinal walls and stomach lining. The fibre is also a key component in reducing blood sugar intake levels which aids loss of weight and a healthy heart.

5.     Prevents fatigue and headache. Due to oxidation, our bodies are usually left straining and tired. Antioxidants found in berries hinder the oxidation process and keeps our bodies safe from fatigue, stress and headache.

6.     Awesome flavour. Aside from just health benefits, we all love the flavor of berries. They bring colour, sweet aroma and amazing taste to everything. They are an all-time favourite for everyone and honestly, they are awesome.

Berries are fruits we should choose to have an ample amount of. Everybody should aim to have at least one serving daily as the benefits are numerous. One of the easiest ways to incorporate berries to your diet is to add a handful to your daily juice. Best to use a cold pressed juicer to get the maximum nutrients form the berries. 

If summer time is over, visit the frozen foods aisle at your local store so you can reap the benefits all year round. Berries are gold to your health and you should treat them as such, get munching your way to a healthier you.

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