Kuvings Silent Big Mouth Juicer B6000

Kuvings Silent Big Mouth Juicer B6000

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  • BONUS:Free Kuvings Glass Sports Bottle 550ml
  • Cuts down on lengthy prep time
  • Large feeding tube design
  • Large BPA-free juicing bowl fitted with the smart cap
  • Cold-press juicer with 54 RPM

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Enjoy healthy and fresh living juice with the world's first Whole Juicer.

The key innovation in the Kuvings Big Mouth Whole Fruit juicer is the 7.5 cm (3") large feeding tube.

Wide enough to fit whole apples, oranges, pears, tomatoes and even celery bunches, the new feeding tube cuts down on prep time but also increases juice yield: fruit and vegetables with a high water content no longer lose any of their juice on the chopping board.

Another benefit of juicing produce whole is minimising nutrient and flavour loss through reduced oxidation and air exposure.

Unsurprisingly, the Kuvings Whole Fruit Juicer outperformed a competing slow juicer and cold-pressed apple juice with a higher yield, better nutritional profile and a denser, fresher flavour.

At 54 RPM, the Whole Fruit Juicer is the slowest model in the Kuvings range and requires very few revolutions to extract maximum yield.

The slow motor and large patented juicing screw combine to gently squeeze and break down the cell walls of your fresh ingredients, releasing nutrients that flow freely into the juice with minimal friction and preserved nutritional benefits.

The juice outlet on the bowl is equipped with a detachable smart cap - the cap can be kept closed during juicing to enable the juice from different fruit and vegetables to mix, and be dispensed on demand.

The cap eliminates dripping and even makes cleaning the bowl easier!

Ideal for:

  • Soft and pulpy fruit
  • Hard and fibrous veg
  • Leafy greens

Cleaning takes no time at all. Simply close the smart cap, pour water down the chute and let the rotating wiper blades do the cleaning for you!


Once the bowl has been flushed, the Whole Fruit Juicer comes apart quickly and only requires a quick rinse under the tap. The included patented rotating brush will get rid of any stray pulp or fibres. Easy!

Every Big Mouth Juicer comes with a free Kuvings Glass Sports Bottle 550ml valued at $19.95.


Colours available: Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Purple or Black. Please state preferred colour in comments box on checkout page.

  • 550ml Toughened Glass Drink Bottle with Silicon Sleeve.
  • Non Toxic, Non Leaching BPA Free Lid with Wide Mouth spout
  • Can be used for hot or cold beverages or soups
  • Eco friendly - Replaces Plastic Bottles
  • Perfect for storing juice - can store for up to 72 hours
  • The perfect accessory for your juicing needs

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