LÉQUIP D-Cube Food Dehydrator – 9013A

LÉQUIP D-Cube Food Dehydrator – 9013A

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  • 6 Trays (2 deep, 4 regular)
  • Clean air flow Filter
  • 6 Mesh Screens
  • 2 Fruit Leather Trays
  • 4 Yogurt Cups
  • FREE GIFT:Antibacterial Cutting Board

The 9013A dehydrator is the quiet and efficient dehydrator that is low in power consumption and very easy to use. The dehydrator is equipped with 6 drying trays that can be extended with two extra trays. The height of the dehydrator trays can be extended by extender trays that enable the user to dehydrate bigger ingredients.

Temperatures can be set from 35 to 70? with drying times from 1 to 99 hours. You receive 4 yoghurt containers that can be used to make yoghurt in the dehydrator or to store dehydrated foods, and two silicone trays for making fruit leather. Large dials and LED display makes it easy to adjust time and temperature. D-Cube can make large amount of snacks in mere hours, as well as healthy fruit rolls, dried herbs, yoghurt, and even home made pot-pourri. “Clean Air” Filtration System

530 Watts, Solid State Variable Temperature Control, Micro-processor Controlled Heat Sensor, Digital Display for easy use, Adjustable temperature 35-7o·c (95-158’F) 24 Hour, Auto Shut Off timer, 1.2 sq. feet drying space per tray. Stacks to 12 trays Easy to clean and use, Auto shut down, Made in South Korea, BPA Free Materials.

Every purchase comes with an Eco friendly, Anti-bacterial Cutting Board.

• Made from plastic containing natural plant based Phytoncides (found in trees and plants to naturally prevent plants from bacteria)   

• Perfect Flexible(Patented folding design to put in microwave)

• 99.9% Sterilisation in Microwave for 1min.  

• Juice groove to stop spills   

• Dishwasher Safe

• Non-slip surface that helps prevent knife damage and blade scaring  

Colourful design

• Resists Odours 

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