Embrace the innovation, love it and accept it because it will be an important part of your life. With so many new products on the market, you are now able to choose the right one from a wide variety of products. Why settle for less, when you can get the best one out there and keep it for a lifetime?! You should make your investments in a smart manner. Buy a better quality product for the right price instead of buying a cheaper product that will have a low life expectancy and you will have to buy another one in the end.

We will tell you a little about what the Omega brand is and how it works for improving your life, but you will have to try it on your own in order to feel all of its benefits.

What are Omega Cold Press Juicers?

It all started with the desire of offering you a multi-functional product which can benefit you and your family in more than one way. First of all, it can help you improve your lifestyle in a healthy and natural way. The masticating juicer is here to wake you up with a fresh juice made of your favourite fruits, vegetables, leafy greens or any other ingredients you like. Omega juicers operates at a low speeds typically 43RPM and due to the gentle squeezing action, the enzymes remaining intact for you to serve an extremely healthy juice. The lower speed reduces oxidation which helps the juice stay fresher for a longer time, allowing you to enjoy a fresh drink any time of the day, in the morning, in the afternoon or on your quiet evenings.

How do the Omega cold press juicers works?

The cold press juicer works in a simple, yet efficient way, giving you the exact portion of freshness that your body needs. The juicer operates at a low speed of 43RPM, but WAIT, DON’T GET ANGRY because this is, in fact, a really good thing. The Dual Edge Technology squeezes more juice at a much quicker rate and the gentle squeezing action keeps the healthy enzymes intact, which are necessary for your immune system. You can create any type of juice with the innovative cold press juicer, create fruit and vegetable juice, superfood green juice, nut milk, frozen fruit sorbets or any other creative and crazy juice you like. Another important feature is the auto-clean system found on the vertical Omega juicers. It keeps the screen clear which increases the machine's efficiency. After you are finished juicing, the auto-cleaning system minimises the clean-up process. The vertical design is compact, contemporary and productive.

Anything is now possible, the variants are numerous and the benefits are endless thanks to Omega. You can have a healthier and harmonious look. You can lose weight if this is what you want because this fresh habit can become your diet, you will have more energy and you will also sense an enhanced, positive state of mind. Look how many great things you will obtain with an Omega juicer. Take your daily cup of happiness offered to you by these improved and amazing Omega Cold Press Juicers. Don’t take our word though, try it yourself!

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