Omega Cold Press, HD Masticating, Chrome, 8226C

Omega Cold Press, HD Masticating, Chrome, 8226C

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  • Exclusive "Dual Stage" Masticating Extraction
  • Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • Powerful Commercial Motor
  • Quiet Operation
  • User Friendly - Easy to Assemble, Operate and Clean
  • Warranty: 10 years on parts and 20 years on the motor

The 8226C has been replaced by the new 8228C. We may get more stock of the 8226C at some point but the 8228C has all the best bits of the 8226C plus some improvements.

The Omega 82206 Masticating Juicer (same as Model 8006 but Designed for AU/EU Voltage) performs at a low speed to minimise heat build-up and oxidation, resulting in healthy fresh living juice full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

The Omega 8226 is a Living Fruit and Vegetable Juicer
The Omega Nutrition Centre Masticating Juicer juices at low speeds – 80 RPM - to minimise heat build-up and oxidation. The result of this is healthy fresh LIVING juice that maintains the enzymes, minerals, vitamins and nutrients from your fruits and vegies. This Omega Juicer produces a high juice yield and a very dry pulp, which means you are getting the most out of your fruits and vegetables without destroying the natural flavour and nutritional benefits.

The Omega 8226 is a LIVING Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens Juicer
This Omega Masticating Juicer has been engineered with powerful components that can easily extract living juice from wheatgrass and leafy vegetables so there is no limit to the variety of nutritious juices you can create. You can juice: wheatgrass, kale, collards, mint, chard, cabbage, spinach and even pine tree needles!

The Omega 8226 is a LIVING Food Processor
Omega 8226 Nutrition Centre Juicers are not just for juicing! You can turn your nuts into nut butter, create fresh pasta, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs and garlic, and make homemade baby food, frozen desserts, fresh soups and whip up soymilk in no time at all. You can use your 8226 Nutrition Centre Juicer to make delicious healthy recipes, snacks and healthy drinks that the whole family will love and that are packed with flavour and nutrition.

The Omega 8226 is a Pasta Maker
The Omega 8226 Masticating Juicer will also allow you to make fresh pasta. It is as simple as making your pasta dough, put it into your Omega Juicer, and in moments your machine will extrude the pasta-like shapes and you will be enjoying fresh, healthy pastas!

The Omega 8226 Makes Nut Butters, Nut Milks and Soymilks
The Omega Model 8226 allows you to make your own nut butters using healthy, roasted nuts. You can also extract the milk from a nut mixture when making soy or nut milks, giving you fresh milk and an extremely dry pulp. You can even make coconut milks and creams!

The Omega 8226 is a Grinder
you can grind coffee beans, flours and even boneless meats with your Omega 8226 Nutrition Centre. Enjoy fresh coffee and mince that is full of flavour and easy to make!

The Omega Model 8226 Nutrition Centre HD Masticating Juicer is equipped with a powerful commercial motor to ensure maximum efficiency with continuous juicing, heavy-duty construction and quiet operation.


The Omega 8226 assures you many years of dependable and efficient service. The Nutrition Centre has been engineered with powerful components that include:

·         Exclusive “Dual Stage” Masticating Extraction

·         Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection

·         High Juice Yield – Very Dry Pulp

·         Stronger GE Ultem Auger

·         Powerful Commercial Motor

·         Low Rotation Speed of 80 RPM

·         Heavy Duty Commercial Construction

·         Engineered for Quiet Operation and Long Life

·         Built-in Reverse Function to Prevent Clogging

·         User Friendly - Easy to Assemble, Operate and Clean

·         Less Foaming than Double Gear Juicers

·         All Components for: Fruit & Vegie Juicing, Wheatgrass, Grinding, Mincing, Pasta, Nut Butters and Milks

·         Warranty: 10 years on parts and 20 years on the motor

The truly revolutionary aspect of the Omega 8226 that it is more than just a juicer! Not only will your masticating juicer bring you fresh, living juice, it will also create healthy snacks for you and your family, make your own raw milks and nut butters that are free from preservatives and unnecessary additives

The Omega Nutrition Centre Model 8226 uses a dual-stage juicing system to ensure that you get a high-yield of juice with no foaming, no clogging, and no heat build-up.


Model J8226 (same as Model 8006 but Designed for AU/EU Voltage)
Juicer Type Masticating / Cold Press Juicer
Finish Chrome Plated Heavy Duty Plastic
Speed 80 RPM
Motor 2 HP with Gear Reduction
Wattage 150W
Voltage 240V/1Ph
Frequency 50-60Hz
Weight 6kg / 13lbs
Dimensions W 165mm x D 368mm x H 394mm (6.5" x 14.5" x 15.5")
Features Dual Stage Masticating Extraction
Heavy Duty Commercial Construction
High Juice Yield
8 Times Stronger GE Ultem Auger
All Components Included
Juices Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Soybeans, Mince & Herbs
Wheatgrass Yes
Food Processor Yes
Extraction Type Continuous Masticating Pulp Ejection


The Omega 8226 HD Nutrition Centre Masticating Juicer is designed and engineered for health-conscious people who want more variety in their daily juicing routine. The 8226 has the ability to juice everything from wheatgrass to leafy greens to fruits and vegetables and much more.

Motor - The powerful 1/3 Horsepower 3600 RPM commercial motor gears down to a low rotation speed of 80 RPMs which reduces the chance of clogging, foaming and heat build-up. It is also much quieter than traditional centrifugal juicers, creating only a low-level background noise.

Built-in Reverse - The built in reverse is designed to prevent clogging while you juice. There is a power switch at the rear of the juicer that enables this reverse function that will resolve any clogging issues.

Heavy Duty Construction - The Omega 8226 is made with quality engineering and the highest quality materials available. This means your juicer is built to last you and your family a lifetime.

Living Food Processor - This heavy duty masticating juicer is more versatile than ever before. Designed to not only efficiently extract living juice from your fruits and vegies, it also makes: salsa, pasta, baby food, desserts, soy and nut milks, nut butters, grinds your coffee and minces.

Low Speed 80 RPMs - The low speed at which the 8226 performs ensures you get the full taste and high nutritional values. The powerful motor chews the plant fibres and penetrates membranes to extract vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Durable Ultem Auger - The auger has been NEWLY designed using GE’s ULTEM material. This results in an auger that is 8 times stronger than any other Omega before!

Pulp Ejector - The Omega has been designed for continuous juicing. It features an automatic pulp ejector that ejects your pulp into a separate container.

Rubber Feet - The Omega Model 8226 is supported by four evenly spaced rubber feet. These rubber feet are variable in height, helping to keep your juicer stable while you juice without leaving any unpleasant marks on your bench.

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