Oscar Neo Juicer - DA 1200

Oscar Neo Juicer - DA 1200

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  • New 'Wide Mouth' Style
  • 3 Step Auger Crushing System
  • Versatile Juicing Machine
  • BPA Free 'Ultem Tough' parts
  • Pulp Adjustment Nozzle
  • 20 year warranty on motor and 10 years on parts
  • New stock due 5th Feb, orders still being accepted

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The original horizontal cold press juicer brand Oscar, brings you the new and innovative DA 1200 or 'Plus' juicer. Combining Oscar's seamless 3-step auger crushing system with a new wide-mouth chute, the Oscar Plus is in a class of its own.

Like the other Oscar Juicers, the Oscar Neo Plus can juice a very wide variety of fruits, vegetables, greens and wheatgrass as well as performing food processing functions with excellent results.

The Oscar Neo Plus isn't just a juicer, it is a complete living food kitchen! The Oscar Neo DA 1200 features a 15% wider juicing chute, meaning that there is less preparation required to juice vegetables and fruit.

The wide-chute juicers or 'whole slow juicers' is only a very new innovation and has previously only been available in vertical style machines. The DA 1200 is very unique in this regard and improvements have been made to the drum, strainers and auger to accommodate for the extra produce that will be able to fit down the chute.

All of the parts still maintain their durability and strength, made from the 'Ultem Tough' material that has made the DA 1000 so popular.

The Oscar Neo DA 1200 features a powerful 200w motor, which is an increase from previous Oscar models. This extra power ensures that the wide-mouth style juicing mechanism can efficiently juice more fruits and vegetables at any given time.

The 200w motor provides more torque resulting in higher extraction and less foam/froth. The Oscar Neo Plus has an RPM (rotations per minute) of 63, which is the optimum speed for juicing a 15% increase in produce at any given time through the juicer.

This combination of a more powerful motor and slightly slower RPM ensures that while the juicing and prep time is shortened, the nutritional and taste qualities of the juice remains the same.

One of the best features of Oscar juicers is their ability to double as a food processor, by using the crushing mechanism to puree ingredients. In the same way as juicing, food is not exposed to heat and oxidation so it is what we call a "living food processor."

Make healthy and nutritious snacks for you and your family without the need for added sugars, flavours, preservatives or colours. Soaked almonds, soybeans or cashews can be turned into delicious milk alternatives.

Frozen seasonal fruits can be turned into creamy fruit sorbet. Organic vegetables can be made into organic and natural baby foods. The sky is the limit with the Oscar DA-1200!

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