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Water Filters

The water we drink hydrates us, nourishes us, and provides us with vital nutrients that our bodies need to thrive. However, there are often more nefarious agents lurking in our water supply that can cause our bodies harm. Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and mercury are just a few of the dangerous toxins that are commonly found in household water sources.

If you're concerned about healthy living, you have to consider more than just the produce you buy and the healthy snacks you feed your family. While juicing and dehydrating are wonderful healthy living tools, filtering your drinking water creates an even more healthful home environment.

Our selection of water filters use activated carbon, catalytic carbon, ion-exchange and sub-micron mechanical filtration to filter out unwanted chemicals and retain the nutrients that your body thirsts for. As high-tech as it sounds, these efficient purification tools are actually very simple to install and require no power. Plus, they accommodate 99% of Australian homes!

After a quick and easy installation, your water filter will work round the clock to keep your drinking water pure and tasting better than ever. If you want an even healthier home, you can now choose a whole house water filter.

Not only can the unwanted chemicals found in water damage your health, but they can also dry out and irritate your skin. By investing in a water filter for your whole house, you are making sure that all the water you use - drinking, cooking, showering, doing laundry - is clean and toxin free. Consume water that nourishes your body the way it should. Choose the right one for your family from our selection below
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