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Water Filter Buyer's Guide

Your Trusted Guide for Buying a Good Water Filter

Water is a source of hydration, nourishment, and vital nutrients, all crucial elements required by the body to thrive. All too often, sadly, there are usually some degenerate agents hidden in the water supply that can cause you harm. Some of the dangerous toxins typically found in household sources of water include mercury, herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine. Even though hydrating and juicing are excellent healthy practices, you will develop an even healthier environment for your home by purifying your drinking water.

We have a water filter selection that uses sub-micron mechanical, ion exchange, catalytic carbon, and activated carbon filtration to filter the unwanted chemicals out and maintain the nutrients the body needs. The technology is just as advanced as it sounds as the purification systems are efficient, easy to install, and they do not need power. You can even find these filtration systems in most homes too! All that is needed is a simple and quick installation and you will have your own water filter working all through the day to ensure your drinking water tastes better and is purer than ever.

For an even healthier home you can opt for a water filter for the whole house. Foreign chemicals in water can be damaging to your health and they can cause irritation and dry out the skin. A whole house water filter is an investment that will ensure all the water used for laundry, showers, cooking, and drinking is free of toxins and clean. Water should nourish the body sufficiently and this water filter selection should do just that.

-    The Premium Aquasana under Counter Filter for $335

ü Uses patented technology to remove varied contaminants while retaining essential nutrients needed for the body

ü Ensures water tastes naturally pure

ü Uses 4 filtration stages to purify water completely by eliminating odours and improving taste

-    The Aquasana Rhino whole house filter for $1,475

ü Eliminates odours, chemicals, sediment, bad taste, and chlorine

ü Ensures shower and bath water are clean and filtered

ü Filters your water as it comes into the house

ü Is a whole-house system of the highest capacity yet

-    The ACE Bio Mineral Pot (1.0 L) for $189

ü Has multiple stage filters to ionize and mineralise tap water and filter out heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals, chlorine, cysts, and bacteria

ü It is easy to use and portable so you enjoy alkaline, safe, and clean mineral water wherever you go

-    The Bio Mineral Pot 400 (5.25L) for $639

ü Can remove up to 99% fluoride in water

ü Ionizes and re-mineralises tap water and filters out bacteria, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals, and chlorine.

ü Has 13 stages of activation, filtration, and sterilisation

ü Has a 5.25 L capacity reservoir making it good for commercial and residential use

-    Coway P210N Water Purifier with a High Performance Carbon Filter for $166

ü It has 2 column carbon filters which filter 15 contaminants+ out from the water i.e. asbestos, lead, mercury, VOCs, chlorine, bacteria, and viruses.