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Dehydrator Buyer's Guide


We were curious as to why people bought dehydrators. So we asked our wonderful customers – Why did you buy a dehydrator?

The top 2 answers were;

1/ To make healthy snacks for the kids school lunch box.

2/ To make sure home grown organic produce did not go to waste.


A proper food dehydrator is one of the must-haves in your kitchen. It especially comes in handy for people with the “Green thumb” who grow their own fruits and vegetables. Dried fruits and vegetables are the way of the future and its market is waiting to be explored. Food Dehydrating preserves the food while leaving all the minerals and nutrients intact.

It is also great for families that have children as dehydrated fruits and vegetables make for a great snack and it’s a way parents can sneak in those healthy veggies into their kid's lunchboxes without them kicking up a fuss. Dried fruits can make healthy treats such as granola bars and can be sprinkled on the kid's breakfast cereal.

Features of a Good Food Dehydrator

There are major pitfalls that come with purchasing cheap Food Dehydrators. It’s a well-known fact is that “cheap is expensive”. You will spend more money and time fixing a cheap Dehydrator, than you will, using it. 

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Two of the leading brands of Food Dehydrators are: EXCALIBUR and SEDONA FOOD DEHYDRATORS. They are two of the best dehydrators in the market today, not only do they have quality workmanship and they come with great additions. There are some important features to look out for when buying a good Food Dehydrator which we will now detail.

A large drying capacity: Additional stainless steel trays and drying zones. The additional drying zone comes in handy when you want to do multiple trays at different temperatures.

Dehydrator with smart digital controls: You can safely leave your Dehydrator unattended as it automatically switches off after completion.

Electricity consumption: Power consumption is at a minimum.

Temperature regulation and control: Automatically fluctuates temperatures for an accurate drying. Temperatures vary from 30 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for drying fruits, vegetables and meats. The EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR has a 99 hour 59-minute timer and 2 time and 2 temperature settings mean that it can be set for faster drying times.

Parallel and Horizontal Airflow: This makes for faster distribution of air flow and an even drying of food.

BPA free

Nutrients preservation: Due to the perfect regulation and control of temperature, a built-in 26-hour timer and even distribution of air flow, you always have perfectly dehydrated food without any enzymes or nutrient degradation, which is safe for consumption and overall health.

Dual fan technology: Good quality Food dehydrators will NOT overheat even during long dehydration processes which also results in optimum cooling and quick and effective circulation of cool air.

Whisper-quiet operation

Stylish glass doors that help you view the progress without interrupting the drying process.

The removable trays create space for larger food items such as whole fruits and vegetable.

Cleaning is a breeze as all the food particles are caught in the seamless tray on the bottom. The trays are dishwasher safe too!

Purchase an EXCALIBUR and SEDONA DEHYDRATOR today for yourself and for your loved ones and enjoy the fun in Food Dehydration with a top quality dehydrator!