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Benefits of Home Composting

A large part of our domestic rubbish winds up in a landfill site. Once upon a time that was thought to be just fine but we now have a serious problem. The world is running out of future landfill sites.


A great part of the rubbish that goes into these sites is vegetable peelings, cardboard, destroyed paper and garden waste - all organic matter. These landfill sites get squashed down and in the long run the organic matter is changed over to methane gas which is alleged to be a major contributor to changes in the environment we hear such a great amount about.


We are now encouraged to separate our waste as opposed to everything going together in one bin. This helps us reduce, recycle and reuse as much waste as can be expected and reduce the amount that goes to landfill. It is very likely that in the not too distant future local councils will go further than just encouraging waste separation but will start charging for rubbish accumulation probably by weight. With that in mind it is worth noting that around 40% of your rubbish is appropriate for composting.  


Separate collections for various sorts of waste is undoubtedly helping significantly with the landfill issue. So by separating your rubbish you are helping the earth however why not go a bit further and help yourself as well as the environment. For a little exertion you can easily save money and even encourage your garden to prosper.


Welcome to the world of composting. Home composting is simply a method that you can reuse all your organic waste rather than send it all to landfill. Composting allows you to turn your organic waste into your very own source of what gardeners fondly nickname “Black Gold”. It is basically a natural process of recycling organic waste into a rich soil amendment. Say goodbye to purchasing costly manure at the garden centres and carting substantial sacks in and out of your car.


The horrible "rubbish" that is organic matter is separated by microbes and worms working together and turning it into a magnificent dim, rich manure which is loaded with supplements for your plants and vegetables and truly charming to deal with. It is such a "waste" to discard materials when you can utilise them to enhance your garden so effortlessly.


Making your own “Black Gold” is not complicated, all you need to do is make a relatively small investment in a home composter. You simply need to add all you organic waste (such as vegetable peelings or garden clippings) to your composter. Mother Nature will do the rest in as little as a few weeks. You can speed up the process by rotating the mixture so make sure your composter allows this to be done easily. Your investment is a little time, and your prize can be huge. By composting you will enhance your soil and enhance the strength of your plants, as well as contributing to the global waste dilemma. Juicers Direct recommends the multi award winning Swedish designed Joraform Composters.