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Do you love a green smoothie?

Green smoothies are delicious way to improve the overall health of your body, while also getting rid of unwanted toxins. They are made up of fruits, greens, and water, which make them fast and easy to prepare. Many people are afraid to try them because they do not like the taste of greens in the smoothies. Consuming green smoothies on a regular basis offers a host of different health benefits. One blender full of green smoothies can provide as eight servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This is why they should be incorporated into any diet plan.  


Not only do green smoothies contain essential nutrients needed for healthy living, they also have a detox effect. Consuming these smoothies for a period of time will rid your body of toxins. Signs that your body is starting to detox are aches, flu symptoms, changes in bowels movement, and acne or rashes. If you start to see these signs, do not stop drinking the smoothies. These are all signs that toxins are being released from your body, which can lead to many positive things.  


Some of the benefits that people have reported after drinking green smoothies for a period of time are weight loss, an increase in energy, clear skin, healthy hair, regular bowel movements, getting sick less often, less craving for caffeine and the ability to sleep better. These are just a few of the benefits of consuming green smoothies. Not only are green smoothies high in antioxidants they are also high in chlorophill, meaning they help purify the blood, help elminate bad breath and body odor and boost the immune system.


Green smoothies are excremely fast and easy to make, so there is no reason not to at least try them. Simlpy add fruit, greens, and water to a blender and blend until the micture is smooth. If the texture is too thin, you may also add avocado to increase the thickness. With so many different combinations to choose from, green smoothies do not become boring. You can use kale, spinach, romaine letttuce, collards, or any other green leafy vegetable to add with your fruits of choice. It is recommended that you use 60% fruit and 40% greens in order to keep the fruity flavour. Also, the fruit and vegetables should be organic to avoid adding pesticides to your smoothie.


If you are ready to experience all the amazing benefits of consuming green smoothies, go out and purchase some of your favourite organic fruits and greens and give it a try. It is actually fun to come up with different mixtures of fruits and greens, and you cannot go wrong. As long as you like the flavour of the fruit you are using, you are sure to enjoy the taste of your green smoothie. These smoothies truly are the fastest and easiest way to obtain a healthy lifestyle.


To make delicious smoothies, you really need a high powered blender from Juicers Direct to handle breaking the greens down and blending the frozen fruits. Typical home blenders will work but they will burn out and break down sooner. We use and recommend the Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre. The truth is they are well worth the investment when you think about the raw, wholefoods that your family will be getting daily in their green smoothie.

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