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Kale Juice Health Benefits

Kale is that humble vegetable that most people pass without much thought in the grocery store vegetables’ isle. That is a big mistake and ignorance is certainly not bliss when it comes to kale. If only they knew the benefits of this leafy green vegetable, they would pick it first. No worries though as we will get to learn about one of the easiest and fun ways we can partake of this delicacy: juicing it.


You may argue that its strong, bitter flavour is a huge turn off for you but hold up. The kale juice health benefits surpass the unpleasant flavour. Besides, you don’t have to take it by itself. You can mix it up among other vegetables and fruits to balance out the strong flavour.


Without further ado, let’s delve into the kale juice health benefits.

Detox your system


Laden with fibre, kale is a perfect ingredient to add to your detox routine. The natural fibres will not only fill you up and prevent you from binging on empty calories, but it will also bind onto the toxins in your gut, preventing them from adhering to the gut system and consequently the toxins will not be absorbed into the blood stream. In addition, kale juice has sulphur, a mineral that binds on the bad free radicals enabling the body to rid of them easily.



Vibrant red blood cells


Healthy red blood cells are akin to life itself. Without these oxygen-carrying cells, no life can exist. For red cells to function well- from the production and development stages to the mature cell function- they require vitamins and minerals. Luckily they are very much present in kale juice. Iron, a mineral that is paramount to the production of red blood cells is plentiful in kale juice.



Vitamin hub


The beauty of juicing kale is that you get to preserve labile vitamins. Vitamins do not withstand heat and therefore juicing the kale means the vitamins remain intact. Kale is a good source of vitamins A, B complex, C and K. We all know the important roles vitamins play in the body. They include boosting the immune system, maintaining healthy skin and eyesight, good memory and basically maintaining the body like a well-oiled machine.



Keep cancer-causing oxidants at bay


One may consume oxidants without knowing. These oxidants cause oxidative stress to the body which may lead to chronic inflammation and later on develop to cancer. The good news is that we have the power in our hands or rather in our gardens to prevent such outcomes. Kale is an excellent source of two antioxidants namely flavonoids and carotenoids. 45 different kinds of flavonoids have been identified in kale. The beauty of these flavonoids is that they have cancer-fighting properties. This fact alone is enough reason to gobble a glass of kale juice every morning.



Calories on the down low


Lastly, this nutrient powerhouse is definitely made for the calories conscious individuals. What good is a food source if it participates in piling pounds on you? With 36 calories per cup, the kale calorie count is definitely on the down low. Therefore, blending or juicing a cupful will not do any damage. This property is a definite plus for those looking to lose weight.


With all these kale juice health benefits, be sure to make it a staple in your kitchen counter and you will reap all these benefits and more.