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Making Cold Pressed Oil At Home

Cold pressing is the term used to mean the process that mechanically presses fruit, plants, nuts and seeds in order to extract the essential oil from the produce. Cold pressing is actually one of the best ways to extract natural oils from produce. Traditionally cold pressing has been a cumbersome process and difficult to achieve at home. However thanks to the new BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine it is a relatively easy and quick process that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home.


Listed below are some benefits of making cold pressed oil at home and the reasons why it’s actually the best way to go!


Is 100% Pure Oil

When cold pressing at home you are in complete control of the ingredients that go into the press. Unlike when purchasing commercially produced oil. So this means there is, unless desired, no chance of dilution in your oil or of your finished product being mixed with other vegetable oils or cheaper oils which often happens when commercial producers are creating larger quantities. Making cold pressed oil at home therefore guarantees you’re your oil is 100% pure. You will possibly find that you require less of your home pressed oil compared to store bought due to the higher concentration and it therefore will last longer also.

The fact that the oils are normally very pure with no additives in time makes them even better as one is able to avoid some problems that may arise due to the refinement processes that other oils tend to go under. Its purity makes the oils more expensive in the market but actually very essential as compared to the other types of oils being sold at a cheaper rate yet containing only a small portion of the essential oils.


Retains Originality

Making cold pressed oil at home allows the finished product to maintain their natural aroma, nutritional value as well as flavour, making these oils very good for cooking purposes and skin care requirements. They also tend to contain no cholesterol or trans-fatty acids since they are pure.


  1. c)  One May Make As Much As Needed

Making cold pressed oil at home with the BioChef Vega Oil Press Machine allows you to make as much or as little oil as is required. You may even wish to make some oil and bottle it to give as a present to a loved one or try selling it a local market.


  1. d)Contains No Chemicals Or Preservative

Given the fact that the process is completely natural, the likability of having extra chemicals added to the essential oils, the oils are termed to be safe and even more healthy that the oils sold by vendors and other sellers.

Some even have medicinal value such as omega oils and having them in the purest form is normally best since they tend to work even better than over the counter medication.


So there you have it. Making cold pressed oil at home has many many benefits over purchasing mass produced oil form the store and with the BioChef Vega Cold Pressed Machine it is now easy and affordable to one and all. So what are you waiting for start cold pressing at home today.