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Why Everyone Needs a Smoothie Blender

A complete food diet is one that is centered on fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, whole grains, and avoids unhealthy fats, processed food, and artificial chemicals. These days we are constantly hearing about which foods are healthy and unhealthy. People are bombarded with data about healthy eating and often one piece of data is contradicting another. The one thing we can say safely is that, in general, natural food is healthier than processed or refined food. Increasing the intake of more whole foods is one definite change that people can make to become healthier.

One meal that can be particularly difficult while on a whole foods diet is breakfast. Many of the dairy products, cereals, breakfast meats, or breads, bagels or any number of things we associate with the first meal of the day rarely qualifies as whole foods. They are full of unhealthy fats, chemicals to increase milk production, processed starches, and refined sugars. Even the coffee we drink may not be natural. Pre-ground coffee has additives to keep it separated, many creamers are full of chemicals that few people can pronounce, and they are usually full of the cheapest sugars we can find.

So what is an option for someone that has very little time in the morning to cook a meal from scratch? Smoothies! Made at home with a smoothie blender. Homemade smoothies are full of fruits or even vegetables. You can regulate what goes into them. With a smoothie blender and a little produce, you can make yourself a healthy breakfast in no time without any of the added chemicals we find in processed foods. You can control the sugar, the fat content; you can simply add more mild flavored vegetables to add more nutrients.

Finding ingredients for smoothies is as easy as wandering the produce aisle of the grocery store. Commonly used fruits are strawberries, bananas, blueberries, melons, peaches, apples, mangos, and pineapples. You can use fresh squeezed juice from most citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits. You can even add some vegetables to make a smoothie even healthier like spinach, alfalfa sprouts, Swiss chard, or even romaine lettuce.

With a bit of practice, it is easy to customise a smoothie to your taste. Nobody needs a complicated recipe for this. Just learn what fruits you enjoy, which vegetables you can add, how little sweetener is needed, and whether you prefer a rich texture from yogurt or other dairy or more of a frozen texture by using frozen produce or ice. The most important part is to remember that this is part of a whole foods diet and is intended to be a meal. So make sure you are avoiding unhealthy fats, chemicals, or refined starches and try to make the smoothie as filling as possible.

Having a filling and healthy breakfast does not have to be impossible. While it may be difficult to have a traditional country style breakfast while on a whole foods diet, you can make homemade smoothies. With a strong smoothie blender you can make a smoothie out of any number of fruits, vegetables, and frozen produce for more of an iced smoothie, and healthy dairy like yogurt for a richer or more filling drink. A whole foods diet is a major lifestyle switch, but it is not impossible.


How Is It Possible To Make Smoothies Of The Same High Quality You Would Get From A Juice Bar By Using The Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre?

When it comes to making your own smoothies, it is essential for you to have a high quality smoothie blender in your possession. The sharp blades of a smoothie blender are used to break the cell membranes of the ingredients of smoothies, which gives more of their vitamins and nutrients than eating alone can. In fact, it has been estimated that about 70% of the vitamins and nutrients gotten from green vegetables can be passed over in the munching process alone. In order to provide your body with the all-out amount of nutrients possible from smoothies, it will be necessary for you to obtain a high quality smoothie blender.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre is one of the most highly regarded and sought after by health food enthusiasts. Capable of performing more than 50 kitchen tasks it is has been designed to commercial standards and delivers the same high quality smoothies you would expect from a juice bar. Once you have acquired a high quality smoothie blender, grab your most preferred fruits and vegetables and get into the kitchen to start experimenting with producing your own smoothies today!