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Why Flax seeds Could Save Your Life

The world is moving into health mode as it is trying to find more and more ways to eradicate lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity have claimed the lives of millions worldwide. However, recent discoveries have revealed that these lifestyle diseases can be treated or avoided altogether. One such discovery that has mind blowing benefits is flax seeds. The benefits that flax seeds have to offer has led to it being termed as a super food, and rightly so.

So what are flax seeds exactly? Flaxseed is a plant based food that is fairly small and brown in color. They are also referred to as linseeds and are reported to contain the highest beneficial nutrients on the planet. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of adding flaxseeds to your diet.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Scientific research backs this claim as seen in a study published in the American Journal of Physiology and Circulation Research. The study aimed to prove the effects of flaxseed on the heart, which it did. The research concluded that the improvement of cardiovascular health by adding flaxseed to the diet is due to three key components: lignin, soluble fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. All of these key components are found in flaxseeds and each has an important role to play in the diet.

For example, soluble fibre aids in the removal of harmful pathogens from the body.  Lignan contains both estrogen-like compounds, as well as antioxidant compounds that help in the reduction and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Prevent Cancer

Cancer has now become the number one killer, not only in developing countries, but in third world countries as well. However, the nutrients found in flaxseeds have been found to prevent Cancer. Omega 3 fatty acids, a compound that cannot be produced by our bodies, is readily found in flaxseeds.  Research has discovered that Omega 3 fatty acids reduce tumor growth, as well as preventing the chances of a tumor occurring. Other properties found in flax seeds such as Lignans also contribute greatly by acting as inhibitory properties to the contraction of cancer.

Reduces Menopausal Symptoms

Menopausal symptoms are unavoidable, however; they can be dealt with considerably. By incorporating flax seeds to your diet, you will find that the symptoms will reduce significantly. These benefits can be attributed to Lignans which contain a high level of estrogen-like properties.

They can benefit women who may still be in their menstrual age, as well as those who have hit menopause. After hitting menopause, the symptoms can often be very bothersome and interfere with day to day activities. However, flaxseed can help deal with symptoms such as hot flushes and also greatly reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis.

In conclusion, there are many more benefits of adding flaxseeds to your diet. They aid weight loss; they help prevent and treat diabetes as well as improve the appearance of skin and hair. The list is endless. Incorporating flax seeds into the diet may be difficult for most, and easy for some. If you find it hard getting used to the taste of flax seeds, come up with creative ways of adding it to your diet. Most diet and health gurus add ground flaxseeds to their smoothies or have them with their cereal in the morning. You can use flaxseed oil in place of butter on toast. Some people even grind the flaxseeds together with their coffee beans to make a delicious hot cup of healthy coffee. The choice depends on what you prefer but whatever your choice one thing is for sure. Add flaxseed to your diet J