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Why You Should Juice Cleanse

A lot has been said about detox and detox regimens. Both good and bad. We will go with the good because one has to look at the positive side of things in order to stand to gain. Different people have different reasons to juice such as weight loss or to relieve the body of the copious amount of toxins ingested knowingly or unknowingly. With the recent Christmas holiday season giving us a ready excuse to drink too much alcohol until the head spins and the constant over indulging of unhealthy foods, many of us are in need of a well earned reboot.

Now if you are wondering the best way to rid the body of toxins. Juice cleansing is arguably one very best ways of doing it. Possibly it is your first time going down this road and questions such as why you should juice cleanse or is juicing healthy are likely on your mind. Well worry no more because below you will find some insight into the whole juicing thing.

Benefits of juice cleansing

Every single day, we are exposed to pollutants from the environment, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives in foods and drinks, make-up, heavy metals or even pesticides. All these end up in our cells and can accumulate to dangerous levels if nothing is done. In addition, these pollutants can cause you untold suffering in the form of diseases such as metabolic disorders or cancer. Truth is, as much as some of the toxins can be avoided, getting exposed to others is unavoidable. The good thing is you have got power in your hands to reduce the toxins from accumulating. How you may ask? Juice cleansing.

Basically juicing for detox is where you adapt a change in diet. An extreme‘detoxer’ will consume only fruit and vegetables juices as a substitute for food. Some may however consume vegetable and fruit juices in addition to food - carefully selected foods. Both options can last few days to weeks. So, why should you juice cleanse?

o   Cleanse the liver – the liver is one of the major detox organs in the body. This all-important organ is taxed with ridding the body of toxins such as free radicals. Research as shown a detox routine helps the liver cleanse out these toxins at a faster and higher rate.

o   Reduce inflammation – sometimes one can eat too many different types of foods in such as short span hence overloading the digestive system. One of the consequences of this habit is inflammation. Juicing gives the digestive system a much-needed break and consequently reduces disease-causing inflammation.

o   Skin health – as much as our skin is an extremely resilient organ, it also has a way of telling us all is not well on the inside. Dryness and wrinkles are some of the signs of a ‘clogged-up system’. A good detox will leave your skin glowing and supple. Who doesn’t want such beautiful skin?

o   Lose the flab – one of the axillary benefits of juice cleansing is weight loss. After the festivities, you may have gained a pound or two, or ten! Juice cleansing will aid losing that weight and you will end up feeling lighter, brightness and the energy levels will be a notch higher.

So rather than ask Why You Should Juice Cleanse? Given all of the above maybe a better question is how often you should juice cleanse? We like to do it several times throughout the year.