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Why You Should Purchase a Manual Juicer

As the world continues to be influenced by the digital movement, so does the method of its operation on a day to day basis. The change can be noted in many dynamics of life, from communication devices, down to simple tools such as juicers. Many people are now opting for electric juicers largely due to speed and efficiency. Still; we fail to acknowledge the many advantages that come with using a manual juicer Other than simply stating the obvious fact of their affordability, this article discusses the less obvious advantages.

Manual juicers commonly come in two types: Citrus manual Juices and Wheatgrass manual Juicers. Manual Wheatgrass juicers are much more in demand as they are capable of juicing a greater variety of ingredients. As the name suggests wheatgrass juicers are good for blending and producing wheatgrass juice. However, they also possess the capability of juicing other leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and even apples.


How They Are Operated?

Manual juicers are also known as hand juicers due to how they are operated. They are fairly easy to use, as compared to the electric ones. Manual juicers do not depend on electricity; hence do not need to be plugged in.

They are fully dependent on the user. The user is required to employ a hand cranking motion to get the juicing process started.


Advantages of Manual Juicers

Hand juicers require a hand cranking motion to make juice. The bright side about all this is that the juice produced suffers virtually no degradation as unlike electrical juicer, manual juicers do not produce any heat. Electric juicers produce heat while juicing, and can damage essential vitamins and nutrients. This advantageous factor is especially beneficial for those that need the juice for medicinal and health purposes. Wheatgrass juice is usually used for the purpose of health optimization. The best way to get the best out of wheatgrass juice is by using a manual juicer.

Moreover, since they do not depend on electricity, they are portable. One can take this type of juicer along with them on a vacation, or a simple family trip.

Hand juicers are very noise friendly. They create very little noise if any at all. This is particularly good if you have babies and/or small children in the home. Most newborn babies sleep most of the time; and sudden loud noises can not only wake them up, but upset them.

These types of Juicers are very suitable in terms of storage space. They take up very little counter space if you are considering this option. Moreover, the fact that they do not come with any electrical attachments, they are more suitable to be stored on the counter.


The Downside of Manual Juicers

As advantageous as these hand juicers are, they have their downside as well. Since they require manual operation, they take a long time in the process of making juice. Moreover, they do not make as much juice as electric juicers make.


In conclusion, manual juicers are still viable and very beneficial. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far, and so, they are a worthwhile investment. The wellness benefits that come with applying a hand manual cannot be overemphasised. So, what you are waiting for? Go ahead and purchase yourself a manual wheatgrass juicers as you venture down the thehighway of better health.