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Why You Should Use A Food Dehydrator at Home

How does a dehydrator work?

A dehydrator, most of the time is composed of a heating resistor and a fan that will diffuse this heat into the enclosure. Today there are also infrared dehydrators which use a different drying technology.

Most dehydrators are equipped with a thermostat and sometimes a timer and programmer for the most sophisticated ones.

In simple terms dehydrators allow the evaporation of water; you can dehydrate anything that contains water. Probably the most popular produce to dehydrate is fruit and vegetables but a lot of people also dehydrate meat, cream, yogurts and cheese. A dehydrator essentially replaces drying in the sun and thus allows us to not depend on the weather and use it in summer and winter.

Choosing a dehydrator?

Prefer models where the air is blown from the back because the heat distribution is more even. The models where the air is blown from below often require constant changing of the trays so that all the food is dried evenly.

Choose a transparent-door dehydrator as it allows a glance from time to time on the state of our dehydration. It avoids having to open the door and interrupt the process.

Also, study the materials in which the dehydrator is often made of - plastic or stainless steel. Most are made with BPA free materials.


Food dehydration is a very practical and worthwhile technique. Thanks to home food dehydration, if you own a vegetable garden or an orchard, it is possible for you to preserve your crops, and to protect them from the mould. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite fruits and vegetables out of season all year round.

  • Drying your food is very convenient, and food dehydration will allow you to make different preparations. For example, you can make fruit leathers! Simply mix the fruits of your choice until you obtain a liquid consistency. Pour the preparation obtained on the trays of your dehydrator using the drying sheets. Dry and then cut into strips. You will now have delicious and healthy treats. Great for pack lunches.
  • One of the benefits of food dehydration, thanks to a low temperature, is to preserve the nutrients and enzymes of your food, it also preserves the flavour of the food. You thus preserve the nutritional benefits of your food.
  • Drying your fruits and vegetables to the dehydrator not only keeps them longer, but it also intensifies the taste! Or in other words the flavours of your food are increased tenfold. It also helps preserve fruits and vegetables and consume them when they are out of season. So, you don’t have to purchase out of season produce which is often well travelled, suffered nutrient loss and expensive.
  • It allows you to make gourmet snacks (apple chips, strawberry leather ...) for school children, a healthy alternative to sweets!
  • Dehydrating food also saves space: vegetables and dried fruits take up less space than whole foods.

Purchase your dehydrator today and stop food waste. Make long lasting, nutrient dense snacks and save money too.

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