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Why You Should Use a Whole House Water Filter

Industrial and environmental pollution has contaminated most water sources. It is worse when chemicals and other hazardous contaminants are involved. Glaciers, wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources are not safe from pollution. Even without consuming water the pollutants react with your skin, which can cause intense damage, some of which is irreversible. In this article we will highlight why you should use a whole house water filter. 

Contaminants Found In Water

The eyes cannot be used to determine the cleanliness of water. Physical appearance can be very deceptive because microorganisms are not visible. Here is a look at contaminants that may affect the purity of water for household use.

  • Microbial pathogens- these are organisms that cause diseases. These include parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi, etc.
  • Organics- they are substances used in daily endeavours yet pollute the environment when they land in water. Organics include Trihalomethanes, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides, as well as volatile organic chemicals like gasoline additives, degreasers, solvents, etc.
  • Radioactive elements- resulting from the decay of uranium
  • Inorganic- mainly metals that are usually toxic. Such as lead, chromium, arsenic and barium, among others.
  • Scale- hard water minerals that form on the surface or attach on pipes. Scale deposits will also form in a similar way when in the body.


Water and health regulation standards only affect a few of the contaminants above. This means that some of the above find their way into your water. This is why you should use a whole house water filter.


What are some other benefits of having a whole house water filter?

  • Clean water from every source- why just install a water filter at the taps in the kitchen? By installing a whole house water filter you have the assurance that all taps will dispense clean and filtered water. Bathroom taps, washing machine, dishwasher, garden hose and showers.
  • Healthy water- you do not need clean water only when you are drinking or preparing food. Even your showers and cleaning of surfaces you come into contact with will be done using safe water. This shields you from skin conditions and other effects relating to contaminated water.
  • Lifespan of water containers and supply systems- household pipes and water supply equipment will not be damaged by the contaminants. This is especially the case with chemicals in water that lounge on the surface of containers, taps and pipes.
  • Soft water in the house- purification is the only way to guarantee soft water. It requires less detergent and does not leave stains on your glasses.
  • Life of your clothes- contaminants easily damage your clothes. With purifiers for the entire house, you are guaranteed to have longer lasting fabrics in your house.
  • Healthy hair and skin- the condition of your skin will depend on the liquids it comes into regular contact with. When water is free of contaminants, it does not endanger either your hair or skin.


There is now no need to ever be concerned about the water you use in your house. Once you have installed a whole house water filter you will have eliminated all doubts and will have the confidence that the water you are consuming is both healthy and safe. You will also enjoy great long term value for your clothes and other equipment around the house. Juicers Direct recommends the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter.